2019 Tokyo Exploring Tour

Day Trip to Mt. Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi
Aug 27, 2019 08:30-18:00

Please kindly be reminded that the socializing event is now full and no further registration will be accepted. 

Itinerary for Aug 27, 2019


Gathering for tour


Heading to Mt. Fuji


Mt. Fuji 富士山

Lake Kawaguchi 河口湖

Arakurayama Sengen ParK新倉山浅間公園




Oishi Park 大石公園

Making your own jam


Oshino Hakkai Springs 忍野八海


Back to hotel


Delegates: USD 99

Accompanying Person: USD 119

Child under age 7: USD 99

How to make a reservation for Tour?

  1. Log in your Member Center
  2. Click "Registration and Payment"
  3. Click Registration
  4. Registration Fee choose "Author" or "Listener", Click "Add"
  5. Click ''Next''
  6. Choose "Socializing Event for Delegates (USD 99)" or "Accompanying Person (USD 119)", Click "Add"
  7. Click ''pay by Paypal''
  8. Click ''pay by credit card'' or ''debit card'' (you can still use a credit card to pay even you don't have a Paypal account)

Tour Registration Deadline: July 31, 2019

Important Information:

  1. We recommend you to wear comfortable clothes.
  2. GEASC has the right to readjust the itinerary and schedule due to weather, traffic, and irresistible reasons.
  3. Participants should follow the tour guide's instructions, The tour guide and GEASC are not responsible for participants' leave without notice and personal activities. The tour bus won't wait for any personal excuses.
  4. GEASC does not accept any on-site changes. Please make your reservation in advance.
  5. Please do not bring your luggage on tour.

Tour Inclusion

Tour Exclusion


Breakfast and dinner


Personal Expenses: Shopping


Other things which are not mentioned.

Refund and Cancellation Policy:

If participants cancel the tour for personal reasons, the cancelation charge (for accompanying person) will be applied as follows. It is unable to get a full refund for personal reason cancellation.

Before July 31, 2019- 50% refund

After July 31, 2019- NO refund